Nail Extensions

The Nail is Extended using a Tip or Sculptured Acrylic on to the nail to give a more comfortable feel. The nail will be longer than the natural nail when finished. The length and shape is your choice and will be discussed with your nail Tech on consultation.

Acrylic Nail Extensions


Acrylic Nail Extensions with a Gel Overlay


Soak off



Maintenance 1


After 2-3 weeks, the regrowth of the natural nail begins to become noticeable, the acrylic nail may also have a small amount of lifting. To keep the acrylic nails strength and appearance you will need to have this growth in filled with acrylic.

Maintenance 2


A Rebalance / Re White is to rebalance the nail back into its correct pattern. In the 3-4 week period your natural nail will grow underneath forcing the extension to grow up with the nail. This leaves the extension unbalanced and prone to weakness and cracking.

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