Clarins Body Treatments

Melting Honey Hot Stone Massages

60 mins £62, 80 mins £80

A deeply relaxing and personalised hot stone massage that releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins, calming mind and body.

80 mins - Includes add on Scalp or Facial

Clarins Rebalancing Massages

70 mins £69 • 90 mins £88

This full body massage us tailor made to suit you.

Skin Smoother

30 mins £40

Intensive double exfoliation deep cleanses and retextures for a body that is super soft, supple and smooth.

Expressions Back Massage

30 mins £40

The perfect choice for someone with limited time to wind down and restore a sense of well being. Exfoliation is followed by 20 minutes of deeply relaxing massage. Choice of ESPA or Clarins products.

Indian Head Massage

30 mins £40

The head, neck and shoulders are areas that hold a great deal of tension. By applying firm yet gentle rhythmical manipulation, tension is soothed, headaches and eyestrain relieved and concentration restored. The scalp can be dry or treated with organic oils and scalp mud.

Hopi Ear Candles

30 mins £40

Centuries old, candling continues to be used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. A cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit on the opposite end to form a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old ear wax and noxious toxins are removed helping to relieve pressure, wax build up and inner ear blockage.

Clarins Pampering Face & Body Treatment Pre Post Natal Treatment

60 mins £57

Pure indulgence for face and body, adapted to your pre and post-natal stage of pregnancy and how you look and feel. Eases backache, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and tired legs, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity. Afterwards, you will feel energised and wonderfully relaxed, with baby-soft skin. Our natural beauty secret….. Clarins universally acclaimed tonic body treatment oil., which helps prevents the appearance of stretch marks. This treatment is suitable for clients during pregnancy ideally from 3 months up to 38 weeks.

Clarins Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins £62

Whether you’ve pushed yourself at the gym or had a hectic work week, this intensely therapeutic massage will ease tense shoulders, back knots and aches. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving benefits restoring your sense of wellbeing.

Clarins Wellness Treatments

Need head to toe treatments for when you need a moment of ‘me time’ away from tour busy life style to release stress and tension, re energise and improve your mood. The wellness touch with unique sensory experiences, tension relieving massage movements and plant powered products our wellness treatments promote a feeling of infinite well being for the body and mind.

Choose from…..

Clarins Beauty Sleep

70mins £69

Just like a good nights sleep

Clarins Rise & Shine

70 mins £69

Boost your mood and lift your spirit

ESPA Body Treatments

ESPA Holistic Aromatherapy Total Body Care Treatment

90 mins £88

This total body skin brushing, exfoliation and full body Aromatherapy treatment takes on a Holistic approach by promoting total relaxation.

With optional Hot Stone therapy

110 mins £90

This treatment is ideal to ease away tension uses hot and cold stones for massage on vital energy centres, along the back, hands, feet and scalp and is combined with ESPA's products known for their purity, potency and therapeutic qualities.

ESPA Salt and Oil Scrub

30 mins £40

An experience that will leave your body refreshed and cleansed with your skin smooth and revitalised. Carefully blended sea salts and essential oils have been combined to help remove dead skin cells and improve tonicity. As well as exfoliating, the oils will be slowly absorbed to help restore lost vitality and protect against dryness.

ESPA Total Indulgence, re Post Natal Treatment

70 mins £68

This total body treatment has been carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers taking into account of all contraindications and aid in relaxation and tonicity of the skin during this special time. The treatment avoids the use of essential oils and is a luxurious treat using a Calendula infused oil, various muds and creams and advanced massage techniques to safe areas. it leaves the skin toned and the client totally relaxed.

Body Ballancer

The Ballancer

30 mins £28 • Course of 12 £279.60 • 60 mins £50 • Course of 12 £510

is a relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system, designed to help win the battle against cellulite and body ageing. A state of the art lymphatic drainage massage system providing clients with spectacular results in a short time.

3D POWERSCULPT Body Treatment

A new powerful new revolution in body shaping and muscle toning

3D Powersculpt

30 mins £54 course of 8 £367.20

Provides uniform Electromagnetic Fields to a muscle to trigger the biological effect of exercise, creating motor neurone pulses in 100% of the muscle fibre, significantly more than what would be possible in conventional exercise - the electro-magnetic technology continuously contracts the muscles throughout the treatment, forcing the muscle tissue to adapt, resulting in muscle building and fat burning.

3D Power Sculpt

30 mins £54 • Course of 8 £367.20

Allows your therapist to create a targeted approach to muscle toning and body shaping while also being used as an accelerator to other body-contouring treatments.

3D Power Sculpt

30 mins £54 • Course of 8 £367.20

Features seven different waveforms - to target your individual concern making each treatment bespoke to you and the area you would like to work on.

Just one 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats. Is available on most areas of the body.

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