We use Mooeys Hot & Strip wax. A British brand uses the highest quality ingredients and combined with their specialist training you can be sure of the best possible waxing treatments.

2 or more wax on same visit – you will receive a 10% discount

Eyebrow wax

Strip Wax £15 • Hot Wax £16


Strip Wax £12 • Hot Wax £13


Strip Wax £15 • Hot Wax £16

Full face

Strip Wax £22 • Hot Wax £25


Hot Wax £13

Half Leg

Strip Wax £27

3/4 Leg

Strip Wax £29

Full Leg

Strip Wax £33

Classic Bikini Line

Strip Wax £23 • Hot Wax £26

for Classic Leg underwear

High Leg Bikini Line

Strip Wax £25 • Hot Wax £28

for High Leg underwear


Strip Wax £22 • Hot Wax £26


Strip Wax £27


Strip Wax £10


Strip Wax £35.50


Strip Wax £35.50


Hot Wax £37


Hot Wax £42


Hot Wax £48

3D Trilogy Ice Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective way of removing /reducing unwanted dark hair on the face and body. The Trilogy Ice Hair Removal Technology uses three individual wavelengths of laser that can target different tissue depth and individual structure of the hair follicles.

This allows us treat a wide range of hair/skin types- along with the contact cooling system to give a virtually pain free hair removal. We can treat almost any areas of the body. Prior to your first treatment we will need to perform a patch test alongside an in-depth consultation, to ensure the correct treatment plan is established.

We recommend a course of Treatments with a min 6/8 depending on the area and between 4/6 weeks apart. In between your treatments we encourage you to shave the area treated. The added bonus of always being hair free.

Other areas can be treated.
We offer courses and a discount is applied.

Guide Prices for Trilogy Ice:

Upper Lip / Chin


Underarms /Classic Bikini




Lower Leg


Full Leg




3D VASCULASE Thread Vein Removal

15 mins £80

Vasculase works by applying a narrow 980mm laser beam to target the vein using a precise application. The red blood cells in the thread vein absorb the laser energy, causing the blood within the vein to heat up, damaging the wall of the vein, This reaction causes the thread vein to close down. Once the vein has closed down, the body absorbs it, causing it to disappear. Consultation and patch test needed prior to treatment


Permanent progressive removal of hair using sterile disposable needles.

Up to 15 minutes


Up to 30 minutes


Thread Vein Removal

With electrolysis method (free consultation available) Prices depends on the size of the area but some guide prices are listed below:

Individual Red Vein/Spot


(up to 15 minutes)


Treat Card

As a valued client you can collect a point for every £1 spent on Treatments, 2 points for every £1 spent on treatments.

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