New ClarinsMen HydraSculpt & UV Plus Men

New ClarinsMen HydraSculpt

Discover New ClarinsMen Hydrasculpt, a dual action innovation in one single

step. The combined gel and cream textures moisturise, tone and smoothe while visibly contouring and redefining the jawline. This complete resculpting face care offers the comfort of a cream, with the tightening effect of a gel. Skin feels instantly fresh and noticeably firmer.

50ml Bottle

RRP: £45.00

New UV Plus Men

Formulated for men’s skin, this mutli protection sunscreen is the perfect face guard for men, offering high level sun protection and anti- pollution protection in a lightweight, oil-free and water-resistance texture. The perfect accessory when you’re in the city or doing outdoor activities.

50ml Bottle

RRP: £42.00

What you say

My first time here and it was a lovely experience.
Lousie was so friendly and extremely helpful giving me advice on how to look after my skin. I had an espa back, scalp and face treatment. 100% reccomend and I will definitely be returning soon! Thanks Louise x

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