New to the Salon Mesopeel

A Chemical Peel is a dermo-cometic procedure that accelerates the skin regeneration in a controlled manner. The peeling action resurfaces the outer layers of the skin allowing new skin cells to come through revealing a dramatically smoother and brighter complexion with fewer imperfections.

The Mesopeel skin peel range have varying combinations and strengths so we can tailor make each treatment for you.

Mesopeel Skin Peels can improve the appearance of-

  • Enlarged Pores
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Spots and Breakouts
  • Dehydrated and Dry Skin
  • Sun Damage & Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Dull tired skin
  • Acne

Mesopeel Skin Peel Menu

  • Glycolic MesoPeel                        single Treatment £60                      course of 6 £306
  • Lactic Mesopeel                            single treatment £60                       course of 6 £306
  • Salicylic Mesopeel                        single treatment £60                       course of 6 £306
  • Mandelic Mesopeel                      single treatment £60                       course of 6 £306
  • Melanostop Mesopeel                  single treatment £70                       course of 6 £357
  • Azelan Mesopeel                           single treatment £80                       course of 6 £408
  • Modified Jessner Mesopeel        single treatment £70                      course of 6 £357

A single treatment will give you an instant healthy glow and you will see a difference in your skin.

To treat a specific concern a Course of 6 Peels are recommended with a 2-week interval.

Prior to your treatment a Full Consultation will be carried out by your specialist. During which the prescription of your home renewing treatment advice will be given.

This must be used 15 days prior to your first mesopeel treatment, every evening.

This will prepare your skin and minimise any adverse reaction.

After your treatment it is important to leave your skin without make up for 24 hours and the use of SPF 50 to be used several times a day according to exposure to sun.

What you say

The staff at Expressions make you feel comfortable and special and totally at ease during all treatments. When arriving you are greeted with warm welcoming staff and a cup of coffee a real treat. I recommend Expressions of Beauty to all my colleagues and friends for all treatments Thanks


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