CLARINS Super Restorative

Discover CLARINS Super Restorative Facial & Day Cream for £75.00

Day Cream £69.00

Night Cream £73

Super Restorative targets the specific needs of the skin weakened by hormonal changes and the key concerns of mature skin, CLARINS is excited to announce the launch of the new Super Restorative Day and Night. CLARINS most intensive and replenishing anti-aging skin care regime, it works at every level of the skin to tighten, firm, plump, reduce wrinkles and even skin tone, helping to maintain a youthful, radiant complexion.

Two fundamental scientific discoveries

1. Replenish

The hormone-deprived fibroblast plays
a key role in loss of skin density

Clarins Research has identified two genes which, as a result of hormone deficiencies, modify the morphology of fibroblast, leading to changes in its metabolic activity. These cells no longer fulfil their role of “producing youthful skin”. An achievement which has revolutionised our understanding of female skin; a discovery which has served to enrich
Super Restorative Day Cream.
 2. Correct age spots

The mature fibroblasts plays
a key role in the formation of age spots

Until now, cosmetic research has focused on the role of the melanocyte, a cell in the epidermis responsible for melanin production, to target and correct age spots. Pioneering Clarins Research, in collaboration with experts in the area of skin pigmentation, investigated a new field of research and revealed the key role of the mature fibroblast in the formation of age spots.

What you say

Fabulous salon, I love coming here, it’s like a couple of hours meeting up with friends whilst having my nails done, lovely chats with all the girls and other customers join in, the staff are all trained to a very high level in customer skills, nothing is too much trouble, well done team

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