Life is for living. (Love your skin day & night)

NEW Multi-Active Day & Night.


Top tips to fit in your daily routine.

2016_Multi_Active_Day_SPF20_WW_with_teasel_CMYKAfter breakfast….

Boost your skin with energy all day by applying Multi-Active Day Cream. An extra tip from Clarins? For the ultimate breakfast cocktail, simply add 2 pumps of Double Serum to give your skin an instant and long-lasting radiant glow.

At the gym………………

Clarins tonic oilAdd a few drops of Tonic Body Oil to your favourite body moisturiser to boost hydration and keep your body firm and toned.

Whilst being a great mum.……Clarins eye revive beauty flash

Wake-up those tired peepers with Eye Revive Beauty Flash to erase the signs of sleepless nights.

Clarins eau de jardins frag Before an important meeting…

Spritz the uplifting scent of Eau Des Jardins to energize and focus the mind.

Getting ready for a date…. 2016_Baume_Embelliseur_Levres_08_cmjn

The final step to your make-up look. Simply apply Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector on top of your lipstick for the perfect pout.

2016_Multi_Active_Night_DS_with_teasel_CMYKAt the end of the day……

Before bed, make Multi-Active Night your perfect partner to maximise your sleep. An extra tip from Clarins?

Add a few drops of Blue Orchid Oil to your night cream to give extra hydration and radiance to your skin.

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