Which is the best Clarins Moisturiser for me ?

One of the most common question we get asked in Salon ,What is the best Clarins Moisturiser for my skin ?

So today I will give you a brief intro into a few off our favourite’s . They are not all the Clarins Moisturisers we have, but they all have a specific job to do.

Hydra Essential Day Cream

With Silky Cream, your skin’s capacity to retain water is restored. It remains intensely hydrated in all circumstances.

Its secret?

Organic, medicinal kalanchoe extract, a powerful natural hydration activator that boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid* production. Your instantly quenched skin is fresh, comfortable, radiant, and plump.
*The “sponge molecule”: the skin’s natural water retention system.

The Benefits 

Perfectly hydrated skin.
Fresh, soft, plumped skin.
Radiance is revived.
Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex.

Hydra Essential Range includes 

5 Different  Day Creams 

Silky Cream for Normal to Dry Skin Rich Creamfor Very Dry Skin Silky Cream SPF 15Lotion SPF 15 for Normal to combination skin Cooling Gel for Normal to combination skin 
Meet the  Rest of the Hydra Essential  family
Hydra Essential Lip Balm ,Hydra Essential Bi Phase Serum Hydra Essential Reviving Eye Mask 

My CLARINS Day Creams

Love has no price!
My CLARINS formulas have been tested by:
– super motivated young women on the Clarins team – morning, evening and night!
– several panels of young women aged 18 to 30
– an independent laboratory

Our formulas do more than just benefit your skin: they awaken the senses so that taking care of yourself is also a pure moment of pleasure. Delectable floral and fruity scents, refreshing mists and gels, creamy textures that infuse the skin with softness… It’s energy and well-being in a jar, achievable in just a few quick and easy steps. My CLARINS will never cease to surprise you.

3 Different Day Creams

RE BOOST – Refreshing Hydrating Cream for Normal Skin RE BOOST -Matifying Hydrating Cream for Oily Combination Skin RE BOOST-Comforting Hydration Cream for Dry Skin 

Meet The Rest Of the My Clarins Range .

RE-MOVE Cleansing GeL, REMOVE Micellar Cleansing Milk,RE-FRESH Beauty mist,CLEAR OUT-targets imperfections,CLEAR OUT Blackhead Expert ,RE-MOVE Exfoliating powder ,RE CHARGE Sleep Mask ,PORE LESS Blur & matte stick.

Gentle Day Cream

A comforting anti-pollution sensitive skin cream that handles sensitive skin the good, natural way—with 90% pure plant extracts, it contains the best ingredients for skincare and sheer looks. Calms redness, irritations, burning and itching caused by external aggressors and internal stress.

A rebalancing sensitive skin cream complex—including Brown Linseed and Christophine—moisturises, soothes and promotes an even skin tone. If your skin is easily irritated, apply over Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate in addition to the sensitive skin cream. Suitable for skin of all ages.

Plant Gold

A unique 2-in-1 oil-emulsion moisturizer housed in an innovative dual-chamber bottle blends together the perfect balance of Clarins’ iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and a melting lotion providing skin with comfort, vitality, and radiance. Free of synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives, and coloring agents, this lightweight, non-oily moisturizer melts into the skin leaving it intensely hydrated, nourished, and radiant.

A green beauty innovation formulated with ingredients that are of 100% natural origin. Aromatic Blue Orchid extract and Patchouli essential oil helps tone, restore radiance and vitality. A blend of Hazelnut — rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E — Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Grape Seed plant oils help soften and nourish skin, thanks to their high content of fatty acids. Wintergreen extract, an anti-microbial plant, provides natural preservatives.

Plant Gold’s aromaphytocare properties build synergy between aromatic essential oils and beneficial plant extracts to uplift the senses, providing an overall feeling of well-being. The stimulating power of patchouli essential oil, known for its spicy, amber and musk fragrance, helps tone the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed the overview of a few of our Clarins Moisturisers. There are a few more to follow that are focused on the early signs or ageing right through to the anti ageing creams . Any questions drop me a reply .

Yes you can still purchase products from Expressions and we really do value your support at this time and cant thank you enough. I can talk through any skin care concerns ,let me know a good time to chat i can give you a call 

We can post products  or you can collect or we can do local delivery .Let me know what suits you ,happy to help 

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