Clarins Cryo-Flash Cream Mask

New innovation

Thanks to the new Cryo-starter
technology, the Cryo-Flash Cream
Mask prevents and corrects signs of
ageing. In just 10 minutes, the skin is
lifted, tightened and radiant.

Who do we target?

All consumers aged 30-60 who are
looking for highly effective anti-ageing skin care products inspired by professional treatments.


The new technology combines two anti-ageing ingredients: the cryo molecule which provides an immediate cooling and firming effect. As well as organic primrose extract, which helps to correct the signs of ageing

Cryo-Flash Cream Mask
RRP: £53.00

Garden Incense

These giant premium Garden Incense sticks are the perfect accompaniment for outdoor picnicking or entertaining.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Green Stem
  • Citronella
  • Rosemary & Thyme

ONLY £10

Clarins Lip Perfector

Lips are left looking soft, smooth, shiny and plump. Sheer, but has enough colour to wear alone or to complement your favourite lip shade.

This nourishing formula delivers a tint of shimmering colour plus moisture your lips.

Smoothes, softens and visibly plumps lips with Shea Butter, enriched in Vitamin F. Sensorial melting texture glides over lips, and soothes the senses with a delicate vanilla scent.
Our easy-to-use angled cushion applicator provides the perfect amount of colour for an irresistibly pretty pout.

  • Plumps and shines
  • Nourishes and hydrates
  • Melting cream texture
  • Vanilla scent
  • Pampering cushion applicator

Clarins Skin Expertise

Moisturisers are the biggest skincare subcategory in the UK – no skincare
routine is complete without one.

With the launch of Hydra-Essential [HA2] Day & Night, we now offer a
complete range of moisturisers for everyone regardless of skin type, skin
need or age: from dehydrated skin through to menopausal and post menopausal skin.

Application tips:

Apply in the morning/evening to clean, dry skin – warm the cream in the hands
then place them over the face, working from the middle outward over the face
and neck. Apply by gently pressing into the skin, always from the middle of the
face outwards to avoid pulling tissues, enhance drainage and preserve features’
youthful appearance.

To maximise the results and benefits of a day/night cream always apply a serum

After cleansing your face at night, you should be apply a night time moisturiser
as well because it works faster on your skin while it’s in resting mode and not
exposed to environmental aggressions.

Moisturisers stay on the barrier of skin and prevent moisture from escaping.


Hydra-Essential [HA2] Day Cream & Night Cream Set RRP: £39.00

Multi-Active Day Cream & Night Cream Set RRP: £48.00

Extra-Firming Day Cream & Night Cream Set RRP: £66.00

Super Restorative Day Cream & Night Cream Set RRP: £81.00

Nutri-Lumiere Day Cream & Night Cream Set RRP: £96.00

NEW Clarins Aroma Fragranced Body Care

Clarins fragranced body products are ideal for both men and women of all ages looking for natural scented lotions, cream, shower gels and shower milks.

Eau Dynamisante

Boost your mood – 80% claim they feel more energised. Syimulate the senses with Eau Dynamisante’s organic red ginseng and toning lemon thyme extrat.

An energising shower and body care routine for a feeling of vitality and firmness. 

NEW Energising Fresh Shower Gel (200ml)   £27.00

NEW Energising Melting Lotion (200ml) £32.00

NEW Energising Deodorant (100ml)   £20.50

Eau Ressourcante

Step into serenity – 78% claim the fragrance helps to relax. Reinstate harmony with the relaxing teasel extract and softening robinia flower water of Eau Ressourcante.

A calming shower and body care routine for a feeling of serenity and softness.

NEW Comforting Shower Milk (200ml) £27.00

NEW Comforting Silky Body Cream (200ml)  £32.00

Eau des Jardins

Exude Joy – 82% Clain they feel happier. Feel uplifted and bathe skin in freshness with Eau Des Jardins’ radiance-enhancing organic beech bud extract.

A revitalising shower and body care routine for a feeling of joy and radiance.

NEW Uplifting fresh Shower Gel (200ml)  £27.00

NEW Uplifting Melting Body Lotion (200ml)  £32.00

Eau Extraordinaire

Awaken you inner strength – 88% claim they experience a sense of wellbeing. Restore skin’s comfort with the hydrating organic leaf of life and stimulating acerola seed extract of Eau Extraordinaire.

An invigorating shower and body care routine for a feeling of strength and comfort.

NEW Revitalising Shower Milk (200nl) £27.00

Revitalising Body Cream (200ml) £32.00

What you say

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Always a pleasant visit, Thank you all, highly recommend!

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