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Fresh Starts

January is all about Fresh Starts and a great time to assess your Cleansing Routine, the most important start to any skincare regime.

January 2021 saw the launch of the New Clarins Cleansing Range and Clarins have highlighted the range again this January with the Beautiful Cleansing Kits, to not only give you great value but remind us of the importance of a good cleansing routine

Check them out on our online store below …. remember you can take 10% discount from the prices shown, on all full price items 

A perfectly cleansed skin gives the fundamental start to everyone’s skincare routine  

Your Cleansing Routine is the most important part of your skincare routine and is so important to do this properly to avoid common skin care concerns.

A little of the background on how the Clarins Cleansing range began…

In 1967 Jacques Courtin Clarins designed a gentle cleanser containing plant based active ingredients 

Thus was born the Gentle Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs and gentian; active ingredients that are naturally effective and good for the skin 

In 1995, the Clarins laboratories were the first to contribute to the preservation of the skin flora, thanks to an active ingredient bio -ecolia 

In 2001 ,Clarins integrated moringa extract into its cleansers to help eliminate polluting particles .

So the Clarins products are not only high quality but also gentle in order to cleanse the skin without irritating or pulling it

Clarins developed the anti pollution method, the result of its expertise developed in the institute

The method is used in all our Clarins Treatments, and we advise you to use this technique when using the Cleansing range at home yourself.

How to ..

Warm your cleanser in your hands and place the hands starting on the cheeks, forehead, chin and then neck to off load your product. Then repeat the areas, taking the hands off the skin as though the skin is hot to the touch x 3 in each area 

Fast forward to the present day and Clarins now grow all their own plant extracts on a 10 hectare site in the French Alps called the Clarins Domaine

Two organic plant extracts from the Clarins Domain -organic golden gentian and organic lemon balm make up the unique Gentle Complex. Which helps to soothe, calm and soften the skin

Clarins New Toning Lotions and Micellar water 

Clarins have developed the Microbiote Complex to help rebalance the skins microbiotia

When the skin’s micriobitia (skins bacteria to keep it healthy) becomes unbalanced, the skin is more fragile, and the skin becomes tight, redness and imperfections may appear.

Things that can damage this bacteria -aggressing cleansing, stress and harsh products

Clarins Microbiote Complex contains 3 active marine ingredients to help balance the skin and saffron flower polyphenols promote the skin’s natural defences to fight against the imbalance of the skin microbiota and keep the skin healthy and looking and feeling its very best.

So whilst your toner helps to remove every last trace of makeup or the day’s pollution and day products, it’s keeping the skin healthy and balanced -so just as important as your Cleanser

So you have all the background info. Let’s talk about more the products..

Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse-£24

For All skin Types

Foaming cleansing mousse for all skin types that gently cleanses and smoothes with exfoliating Tamarind pulp extract rich in AHAs.

Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser-£22

Foaming cleanser for combination to oily skin that gently cleanses, purifies, and mattifies.

Hydrating Gentle Foaming Cleanser-£22

Foaming cleanser for normal to dry skin that gently cleanses, softens, and hydrates.

Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser-£22

Foaming cleanser for very dry or sensitive skin that gently cleanses, softens, and soothes.

Total Cleansing Oil-£23

Easy-rinse cleansing oil that water activates into a silky milk to instantly remove long-wearing, heavy, and waterproof makeup and pollutants.

Velvet Cleansing Milk-£23

Discover our new ‘greener’ cleansing milk formula, now even more gentle on the skin to cleanse and remove make up.

Cleansing Micellar Water-£23

The new ‘greener’ and more eco-responsible cleansing formulas. With yellow gentian & lemon balm extracts from our own ‘open laboratory’ in the Alps. Suitable for all skin type

Hydrating Toning Lotion -£23

Normal /Dry skin

This alcohol-free toning lotion, enriched with aloe vera & saffron flower extracts, hydrates the skin to feel fresh and comfortable.

Enriched with the [Microbiota Complex], it promotes the natural balance of the skin flora.

Soothing Toning Lotion -£23

This soothing alcohol-free toning lotion for very dry or sensitive skin is rich in organic camomile and organic purple coneflower extracts, hydrates and comforts skin.

Enriched with the [Clarins Microbiota Complex], it naturally rebalances the skin flora.

Puryifing Toning Lotion -£23

This alcohol-free toning lotion, enriched with organic meadowsweet and organic witch hazel extracts, purifies the skin and tightens pores. Enriched with the [Microbiota Complex], it promotes the natural balance of the skin flora

January Sale

January Sale Offers

We offer you a 10% Discount from one visit to us in January for your Beauty Treatments 

This can include a course booking –

A great way to enjoy a fantastic saving on top of a special course price … totalling a 25% Discount on treatment courses such as Laser Hair Removal or 3D Body Treatments or a Relaxing Clarins Facials 


On one treatment visit -which can include multiple treatments on that day, a splendid chance to enjoy a good pamper session. 

We also offer you  10% Discount from any Full Price Products available at Expressions, on one visit.

We still have Clarins Gifts Sets left, so another grand chance to max out on the added Free Gifts, as well as a great saving

Unfortunately, the Online shop can’t be updated to show the discount taken off. It will show the original price but check out the online shop for stock available. But all Discounts will be applied in salon prior to payment of products and treatments 

We have lots of items that have been heavily reduced and they make up our crazy sale wall in the salon., come check it out from Tuesday 4th Jan 🤩

Thank you for all your support throughout the past year., we cannot offer the same crazy discounts as the online companies do with their Sales …

BUT we can offer you the loyalty points that you can use to receive your FREE Treatments and FREE Clarins Products on all your purchases from us 

All the best for 2022, sending Good Luck and Good Health

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