NEW Body Partner has been created for women who want to avoid the appearance of stretch marks or correct existing ones, especially during and after pregnancy.

New Body Partner, our stretch mark expert, targets stretch marks by preventing them and correcting them, all whilst comforting the skin. Its plant powered formula acts on elasticity, firmness and redness.

Proven Results

After 3 months….

99%* Softer Skin

98%* More Supple Skin

98%* Soothed, Comforted Skin

98%* Improved Skin Quality

94%* Skin’s Elasticity is Improved

89%* Firmer Skin

Stretch Marks are irregular lines or streaks on the skin where it has been stretched or swollen, especially during pregnancy. Clarins research has highlighted that to limit and correct stretch marks and comfort the skin its necessary to: restore skins elasticity, promote skin firmness, soothe and comfort the skin and target the appearance of the red aspect of stretch marks.