Purchase one of our amazing wellness treatments and enjoy one of these free gifts. Choose from either the gorgeous Tonic or Relax Collections.

Wellness Treatments                                                    90 mins £60

More than just massage, these three wellness-focused treatments will bring you back into balance.  Blissful textures, feel good aromas and high performance ingredients combine to offer an unrivalled mind and soul boost. Skin looks healthy and radiant and feels nourished.

Beauty Sleep

Fight fatigue with our ultra relaxing head-to-toe treatment.   Specially selected products and carefully adapted slower massage movements work on the face and body to create a deep sense of calm, proven to increase sleep quality*.  Expect immediate and long-term beauty and well-being benefits. Skin is soothed, more radiant and refreshed, whilst stress is diminished.  Bliss.

Energy Booster

This vitality-boosting, mood-enhancing treatment uses energizing massage movements and optimized pressure to sweep away stress and help rebalance body and mind. Afterwards your skin looks radiant and your body feels recalibrated.