At Expressions we insist on using the best quality products available. So we have chosen product ranges that are the leaders in their field, to ensure quality of ingredients and constant product development.

With this always in mind we can give you the best treatment and best home care advice or products.

Since 1954, the Clarins Group has used its unrivalled expertise in the field of beauty to produce the safest, most effective products that deliver genuine results.

The result is an unusual combination of Spa inspired products, treatments and services that harness the best of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, and phytotherapy. Absorbing these elements the ESPA philosophy is focused upon enhancing an individual’s lifestyle in a way that is both holistic and versatile. Above all our commitment is to products.

Jessica is a pioneer in the professional nail care industry as she was the first to recognize that like skin and hair, all nails are not alike as well.

St Tropez’ specially formulated UV free treatment features a tan using a spray application in only 15 minutes. Perfect for a busy schedule or a lunch hour treat.

Australian Bodycare only used Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) which out of the 110 varieties of tea tree oil has been proven to contain the most beneficial natural properties for healthy skin and hair.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one component nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails.

The leading fiberglass and extreme powder acrylic – for beautiful natural looking, thin nail extensions.

Outstanding slimming/firming/toning body treatment on board 100 cruise ships worldwide has resulted in 50 million clients choosing Ionithermie.

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The staff at Expressions make you feel comfortable and special and totally at ease during all treatments. When arriving you are greeted with warm welcoming staff and a cup of coffee a real treat. I recommend Expressions of Beauty to all my colleagues and friends for all treatments Thanks

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