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NEW Body Partner has been created for women who want to avoid the appearance of stretch marks or correct existing ones, especially during and after pregnancy.

New Body Partner, our stretch mark expert, targets stretch marks by preventing them and correcting them, all whilst comforting the skin. Its plant powered formula acts on elasticity, firmness and redness.

Proven Results

After 3 months….

99%* Softer Skin

98%* More Supple Skin

98%* Soothed, Comforted Skin

98%* Improved Skin Quality

94%* Skin’s Elasticity is Improved

89%* Firmer Skin

Stretch Marks are irregular lines or streaks on the skin where it has been stretched or swollen, especially during pregnancy. Clarins research has highlighted that to limit and correct stretch marks and comfort the skin its necessary to: restore skins elasticity, promote skin firmness, soothe and comfort the skin and target the appearance of the red aspect of stretch marks.

Positively ESPA

Introducing the NEW Positivity Range

Created with a 100% natural blend of pure essential oils combined with the highest quality natural ingredients. With a blend to represent a number of feelings, ESPA’s Signature Blends family is now complete.

What is Positivity ?

A happy, clarifying blend that boosts self-confidence and encourages a sense of optimism.


This naturally nourishing bath & body oil harnesses the potency of aromatherapy in the new, spirit lifting Positivity blend. This dual-action oil can be used and enjoyed morning or evening.


Massage into skin in firm, upward and circular movements until fully absorbed or apply 1-2 capfuls into your bath. To intensify results, use after the Positivity Bath and Shower Gel.


Wash away negativity and soak up feelings of happiness with the optimistic aromatics in our Positivity Bath and Shower Gel.

This gentle, naturally foaming gel harnesses the potency of aromatherapy oils in a spirit-lifting Positivity blend.


Suitable to use morning or evening. Lather and rinse off in the shower or add to running water for a luxurious, uplifting bathing experience. Invigorate your senses and deeply nourish the body, for beautifully soft, supple skin. To enhance the benefits, follow with ESPA Positivity Bath & Body Oil.


To Further enhance our “on the go” wellbeing offering, ESPA have developed a range of pulse point oils including the Positivity, Soothing, Restorative and Energising blend. Housed in a vegan leather case, there is an expertly blended oil to suit every need.


Gently roll on your pulse points and inhale the aroma, for a tailored wellbeing boost at any point of the day.

Indie Fest

Jessica Indie Fest Collection consists of six new colours. Four creme polishes, one shimmer and one crelly full of rose gold flecks. On the swatches I am wearing two coats of each polish with Jessica Phenom Finale Shine top coat.

First of all, the crelly’s won my heart. It’s so beautiful! Furthermore, the bronze gold shimmer is a beautiful take on a kind of nude polish that leaves a subtle, but stunning finish. You really need to see them super close to be able to appreciate the true beauty. I have added a proper macro of each polish below.

As of the cremes, I was certainly pleased with the fact that they were all perfectly opaque with just two coats.

Colours Include:

Center Stage

Petal Power

Desert Dust



Dream Catcher

  Gift with Beauty

Purchase 1 more product and receive an extra gift worth £22 

Purchase 2 Clarins products and receive a choice of 4 beauty treats and a gorgeous beauty bag

Welcome To The My Clarins Family

My Clarins Extensions 

Two new vegan-friendly recipes have been added to our eco-conscious, My Clarins range. Both contain Moringa extracts to enhance the removal of pollution particles and help to dislodge blackheads .

Healthy skin starts here for 18 – 29 year old customers.

RE-MOVE Radiance Exfoliating Powder £17

– Detoxifying, Refined and smooth complextion, Fresh and luminous.

– Mattifies, Tightens pores, Minimises appearance of blackheads

CLEAR-OUT Blackhead Expert ( stick & mask ) £22

– Removes impurities, Grains gently exfoliate all skin types

– Purifying, Detoxifying properties, Skin left feeling clean, clear and smooth.

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