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Microblading completed in the salon. Eyebrow enhancement using organic pigments personally selected for each individual client. Full consultation recommended and patch test is needed before carrying out the treatment.

Nail Enhancements










A selection of nail enhancements completed in the salon. Our therapists love to get creative and try new designs. Lots of designs and colours available.


Painless IPL Hair Removal

What is IPL?

A consultation with a patch test is required before carrying out the treatment in full. Ellipse IPL offers practically painless hair removal .

Using advanced laser technology, the Ellipse IPL system is the perfect solution for unwanted body hair. People sometimes compare or review laser hair removal machines and IPL systems. Well Ellipse are a very successful and long established manufacturer of multi-purpose ipl laser equipment used for a variety of beauty and skin care treatments. It can treat leg veins, lesions, birth marks and help with skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction.

Their range of equipment incorporates the award winning Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) technology. Amazingly these machines offer medically certified permanent hair removal! But that’s not all … Ellipse IPL systems are used in the UK to treat unwanted facial hair and unwanted body hair. Using a patented intense pulse light technology, the systems can “zap” the hair in the follicle, thereby literally attacking the root of the problem. The light energy emitted by the IPL reacts with the melanin in the hair and is converted to thermal energy. This permanently cauterizes the vessels at the base of the follicle, preventing hair growth and achieving permanent hair removal for that hair.

The advertising standards agency prevents Ellipse from declaring permanent hair removal so they say that they achieve permanent hair reduction. It is important to remember that hair grows in cycles and we treat the hairs that are in the anagen stage when the hair is fully attached to the root. When damaged in this phase, the follicle is rendered useless and the inability to produce hair growth cells is set.

If you would like to book in for a FREE consultation with one of our expert therapist then call the salon on 01744 894 214.

Clarins Cleansing Sets

Clarins Cleansing Sets now in stock £24 saving £21.04

Availabale in both skin types



Dermaplaning is an easy, effective procedure involving the use of a surgical blade. During this fast, painless treatment, dead skin is removed from the epidermis, as well as vellus hair (peach fuzz). Benefits include lessening the appearance of acne scarring, any sun damage or hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaplaning may be done as a stand alone treatment or to enhance another facial treatment

Treatment price £65 allow up to 45 minutes for your treatment

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I wouldn’t go anywhere else after coming here. The staff are friendly and professional, the salon itself is relaxing, clean and a pleasure to visit. It is definitely the gold salon standard for beauty treatments.

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