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The perfect time to introduce your special Man the Clarins for Men range

Because a mans skin is very different to that of a woman ,it demands different formulas and textures.This is why Clarins have developed a skincare range specific to men.The two main plant extracts are Bison Grass to help boost energy production and soothe skin . Gymnema to help boost energy production and encourage  it to recycle.

The Range is split into Easy to Follow Groups 


Active Face Wash -A cleansing gel gentle enough  to use twice a day 

Exfoliating Cleanser -A 2-in-1 exfoliating face scrub & deep cleanse men’s skin, use morning and/or evening 

Shampoo & Shower -A invigorating 2-in 1 wash that gently cleanses hair & body .This smells Devine 


For the perfect shave and soothed skin, Clarins has created a shave and after-shave skincare range specifically for men. Skin instantly feels comforted, much needed after using a razor. Apply Shave Ease Oil to soften stubble and prepare the skin, then lather ClarinsMen Smooth Shave Foaming Gel and shave. This will cushion the skin’s surface for an easy-glide action. Finally, soothe your face with the After Shave Soother or After Shave Energiser. Give your skin the perfect close shave it deserves whilst staying smooth and soft.


The Clarins for Men  range of men’s moisturisers have the perfect fit for your skin. ClarinsMen Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20 is ideal if you want a men’s moisturiser with protection from the sun. This lightweight, refreshing lotion protects your face throughout the day. Our ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel is the perfect men’s moisturiser for oily skin and its refreshing, non-sticky formula softens and soothes the skin. If you prefer a men’s moisturiser for dry skin, our ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm hydrates, comforts and nourishes.


Keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay with the Clarins for men effective anti-ageing creams . Restore radiance, reduce pores and smooth wrinkles with Clarins Double Serum, our most powerful anti-ageing concentrate. For something lighter, ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream combats the early signs of ageing and helps maintain youthful skin. Target tired eyes with ClarinsMen Line-Control Eye Balm& Anti Fatigue Eye Serum –eye cream & serum to help firm eye contours and smooth fine lines.


There’s more to male grooming than shaving and moisturising. Give your body the care it deserves with our men’s body care range. From a revitalising shower gel to an intensive hand cream, we’ve created simple, effective products for the busy, modern man. Stay fresh with our long-lasting ClarinsMen Antiperspirant Deodorant range. Whether you prefer a stick deodorant or roll-on, our formula will keep you dry. Enriched with extracts of orange, lemon and grapefruit, you’re guaranteed to smell great all day.


The first ClarinsMen self-tanner designed to be added to any facial moisturiser. Two to three drops of the Tanning Booster combined with your regular Clarins moisturiser is all it takes to achieve a healthy, tanned look, as if you’d spent the entire weekend exploring the great outdoor.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about the Mens range ,its a beautiful fresh smelling range and the three men in my house love the different products in the range. There really is a product for all mens concerns  and its a great price too .

If you would like more information on the Clarins for Men range or any other advice on any beauty concerns ,please get in touch I’m more than happy to help .

Thank you again for your support over this difficult time . Its great to have your messages come in and I pass on to the team too . You can still purchase your Clarins products from us ,as many of you have done . Delivery and collection still available. Once again a great time to get those double points 

Double CLARINS Points Back Again…. Don’t Miss Out

Let’s Talk About CLARINS Body Continued…

I Hope you enjoyed the first installment of lets talk Clarins Body… straight onto the next installment 

The products that are in this newsletter have specific jobs to do on different concerns or can be used maybe together but on different areas of the body . As always if you are unsure of any product or would like to know more,please ask or if you would like a body care routine put together ,we can chat more.

I apologize in advance for the size  variation of visuals .Image resources are a little short at present .

The same as our facial skincare routine ,its important to change your ranges as we pass through the years ,to help our skin look its very best ,whether it be on our face or body .Remember face and bodies are the same age, so if you use extra firming on face its likely you will need extra firming on the body too.


Body Fit minimises the appearance of cellulite while refining, instantly lifting and reshaping the body’s contours.
Developed through Clarins research, quince leaf extract targets the three main factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite for visibly refined contours.

Slim down with your new trainer: Clarins gets a handle on cellulite from the very first application.
Apply in the morning and/or at night with gentle smoothing motions, working from the ankles up to the waist, and paying extra attention to the thighs, hips and buttocks.

RENEW Plus Body Serum 

A concentrated, anti-wrinkle body serum that helps restore the smoothness, firmness and radiance of young-looking skin. The dual moisturising and cellular renewal action of Water Lily extract encourages the elimination of dry, flaky cells—smoothing away roughness to leave skin soft, supple and bright. Moisturises all through the day and night.

Super Restorative Body Care 

Streamline your silhouette instantly and effortlessly, with the first product that addresses the changes in a woman’s figure after the age of 50. A sheer cream-gel formula—with Pueraria Lobata and Clarins’ exclusive Crowberry extract—helps firm, tighten, “lift” and define slackened skin around the abdomen and waist, restoring a beautifully toned shape.

Sculpted midriff and toned waistline.
Hydrates, nourishes and lifts the skin, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, while comforting even very dry skin

Extra Firming Body Cream & Lotion 

Extra Firming Body Cream –

A rich, velvety firming cream to pamper the body. A formula rich in eight regenerating and firming plant extracts which help restore the skin’s youthful density and elasticity. Moisturising and nourishing, this comforting firming body cream instantly smoothes away lines, leaving skin soft, satin-smooth and supple with natural-looking firmness.Skin is instantly smoothed.
Improved skin tone.

Extra Firming Body Lotion 

A fresh, light, readily absorbed lotion rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which helps to restore the skin’s youthful density and elasticity. This moisturising, refreshing body lotion instantly smoothes away lines, leaving skin soft, refreshed and satin-smooth.Skin is instantly smoothed.
Skin tone improves day after day.

Moisture Rich Body Lotion 

Soothing comfort every body loves! Clarins’ moisture-replenishing and moisturising body lotion—with natural extracts of Peach Milk, Shea, Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom—visibly minimises the signs of ageing caused by sun, cold, heating and air-conditioning.
A moisturising body lotion that helps smooth dry, rough patches and improve skin tone. Gently removes dull, flaky cells for a youthful, all over glow. Quickly absorbed. No need to wait before dressing. Treat your body with this nourishing moisturiser and its fresh hint of aloe for ever more healthy looks.

Tonic Body Balm

Change your tone! This refreshing body balm treatment—with a firming blend of Ginseng and Apple Seed Oil—soothes dryness, improves vitality and promotes the appearance of toned, supple-looking skin.
This soft body balm refreshes the senses with the aromatic essences of Geranium, Rosewood, Mint and Rosemary and the non-oily texture delivers a satin-fresh finish. Smooth on after Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate and Tonic Body Treatment Oil for a professional, at-home spa treat.
Leaves the skin satiny soft.
Nourishes and protects against dehydration.
Perfumes and promotes a pleasant sensation of well-being.

BODY Partner 

Our stretch mark expert, targets stretch marks by preventing them and correcting them, all whilst comforting the skin.

NEW Body Partner has been created for those who want to avoid the appearance of stretch marks caused by weight fluctuations especially during and after pregnancy.

Its plant powered formula acts on elasticity, firmness and redness. This pro formula is a combination of active ingredients: organic green banana and asiaticosidefrom centella asiatica, to help improve elasticity and firmness whilst soothing your skin
Safely targets stretch marks
Comforts the skin
Promotes visible skin firmness and elasticity
Soothes and relieves feelings of tightness
Lightweight, fast-absorbing cream
Tested and recommended by pregnant women


This refreshing bust gel delivers an immediate “lift”- visibly improving the shape of the bust area. Collagen-boosting Vu Sua extract helps strengthen, firm, and tone. The bust firming gel ensures your bust is smooth by tightening skin and fighting lines.
A body care product whose results improve with continued use. Oat Sugars create an invisible “natural bra,” helping breasts appear higher on the bust line and hold a more defined shape.
Apply the bust firming gel each morning for an immediate tightening effect from base of breasts to chin. Ensures your breasts and neck stay fresh and young!

Tightens and smooths the supportive ligaments of the bust from the bottom of the breasts to the chin.
Tones and prevents the skin from sagging.
Hydrates and softens the skin.
Boosts the production of collagen fibres.


Support your breasts with this bust firming lotion! Get them back into great, young-looking shape with an effective night-time treatment formulated with Vu Sua and Bocoa extracts—two ingredients that form an invisible “natural bra” that instantly help restore firmness and tone to the bust area.
Replenishes and helps tighten skin from base of breasts to chin – for a firmer décolleté in one easy bust firming lotion application.
Results of the bust firming lotion’s effect should improve with continued use of the bust firming lotion.

Restores density and firmness.
Nourishes and leaves the skin satiny soft, smooths and tightens up the skin’s texture.


Lots to take in but I hope you have enjoyed and learnt something new about the beautiful Clarins Body Products 

Lets Talk CLARINS Body

So the sun has started to shine and we start to shed our layers to expose our winter skin to the warmer months . Its time to get summer body ready .

Every BODY has a different need so here is a brief intro into the beautiful Clarins Body products that we stock at Expressions.

Clarins Heritage – Body Oils 

Used in all Our Clarins Treatments in Salon and all available for you to use at Home ….

Tonic Body Oil 

Clarins’ best selling firming body oil—with 100% pure and powerful plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint making a healthy formula—helps firm, tone and improve elasticity, smoothing the appearance of stretch marks. Hazelnut Oil locks in moisture to leave body skin soft, satiny-smooth and elastic
Skin is prepared to face the strains of weight changes and stretching. The Tonic Body Treatment Oil is effective in removing stretch marks. Aromatic natural botanicals promote an overall feeling of well-being.

A blend of natural agents in one body oil, to indulge in. Spending some to really relax and massage your skin with Clarins body care, can help to refresh and revitalize. Especially recommended for use during pregnancy and dieting. Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of Tonic Oil 

Tones the skin
Leaves the skin satiny soft
Nourishes and protects against dehydration
Perfumes and instils a pleasant sensation of well-being


Relax Oil 

Aah, spa! This relaxing body treatment oil—with 100% pure plant extracts, including Geranium, Petit Grain, Camomile and Basil—helps relieve stress and fatigue for a total feeling of well-being. Hazelnut Oil locks in moisture to leave body skin soft and satin-smooth. Helps soothe tired muscles after exercise.

Benefits of Relax Oil 

Nourishes the skin.
Relaxes and soothes.


Contour Oil 

Effective body-contouring, moisturizing and detoxifying with a body care product full of essential oils. Full of natural goodness that cares for skin. Energising body oil — with 100% pure plant extracts including Broom, Geranium and Marjoram — helps eliminate toxins to streamline skin and prevent sponginess.
Skin is firm and energized. Hazelnut Oil locks in moisture, leaving skin soft, toned and satiny-smooth. Aromatic essences deliver an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. An exhilarating treat for tired legs and feet! Body is purified, contoured and smooth. Particularly effective when used for massage. Non-staining.
Winner of Best Body Shaping Secret
Harper’s Bazaar Hot 100 2011

Benefits of Contour Oil 

Promotes the elimination of toxins
Stimulates and firms the skin tissue
Protects against dehydration
Perfumes and instils a pleasant sensation of well-being


A Must Before Embarking on any Body Regime and more importantly tanning

Can you Guess what im going to say ???

Im a massive advocate of EXFOLIATION -Face or Body. It is a so important to remove that layer of dead skin before applying your beautiful products . Your products will penetrate the skin quicker and have greater results ,than sat on that layer of scaly skin . Harsh I know ….but True .

Let me introduce you the two Beautiful Clarins Exfoliators……

Exfoliating Body Scrub 

The essential first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body: the Exfoliating Body scrub. This refreshing, moisturising and exfoliating treatment (with smoothing Natural Bamboo Powders and a hint of ginger) ‘rubs away’ rough, flaky surface cells and impurities, giving skin a sleek new start. Also, prepares skin for the treatment that follows. Benefits  Polishes and softens the skin
Stimulates skin cell renewal
Restores firmness and diminishes the look of flaky skin Tonic Sugar Body Polisher 

It’s the ultimate glow-getter! Clarins’ spa-fresh body polisher—with essential oils of Rosemary, Rosewood, Mint, Sugar and Salt Crystals—feels ooh la la luxurious as it smoothes away dry cells, flakes and impurities to reveal the glowing skin beneath. Leaves skin looking toned, radiant and sleek. Benefits  Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities
Polishes the skin’s texture
Stimulates and refreshes body and mind

Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 

Clarins’ concentrated cleansing treatment activates with the heat of a warm bath or shower—releasing the soothing, aromatic virtues of Basil, Camomile and Petit Grain.
Relaxes tired muscles after a stressful day with a calming blend of St. John’s Wort, Linden and Valerian extracts. The lightweight lather is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Follow with Relax Body Treatment Oil for a complete at-home spa treat.

Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate 

This concentrated cleansing treatment activates with the heat of a warm bath or shower—releasing the invigorating, aromatic virtues of Rosemary, Mint and Geranium. Extracts of Gentian and Pine cleanse and refine.
Lightweight lather is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Follow with Tonic Treatment Oil and Tonic Moisturising Balm for sensational firming results.
Gently cleanses the skin

I hope you have enjoyed the brief introduction to the Clarins Body Range,and are looking forward to part two 

If you would like any further info or advice . Please reach out , only happy to help 

Which is the best Clarins Moisturiser for me ? Continued ….

The following ranges focus on different needs and concerns as our skin matures . At different times in our lives we start to demand more from our Skincare .Hopefully this will give a brief understanding of the best Day Cream to suit your skin  

Multi Active Day Cream

New Multi-Active Day cream for all skin types prevents and visibly corrects the appearance of fine lines thanks to new Myrothamnus extract. The new extract minimises the impact of daily stress to help keep skin smooth and radiant.

With technology powered by plant extracts and the latest breakthroughs in botanical research, these treatments visibly diminish the first signs of ageing, restore radiance, hydrate and maintain younger looking skin.

The Benefits 

Combats the first signs of ageing
Leaves the skin smooth, fresh and plumped
Instantly illuminates and enhances the complexion
Fights free radicals to protect the skin from premature ageing
SPF 20 UVA/UVB protection

Great to use from Mid 20’s

Multi Active Day Cream Range Includes 

  1. Multi Active Day Cream SPF 20
  2. Multi Active Day Cream all skin types 
  3. Multi Active Day Cream -Dry Skin 
  4. Multi Active Day Lotion SPF 15
  5. Multi Active Eye & Night Treatments available in the Multi Active family

Extra Firming Day Cream

Extra-Firming Day Cream for all skin types – The expert firming wrinkle control day cream with a fresh and silky texture that puts the spring back into your skin.

Key ingredient, extract of kangaroo flower, helps plump and firm the skin for a smoother, radiant and visibly younger-looking complexion.

Great To Use From 40’s


Wrinkles visibly reduced
Facial contours appear sculpted
Instant smoothing effect
Skin protected from the harmful effects of pollution

Extra Firming Range Includes 

Extra Firming Day Cream All skin types Extra Firming Day Cream -Dry SkinExtra Firming Day Cream SPF 15 Extra Firming Night Cream ,Eye cream ,Neck Cream & Serum also available in the Extra Firming Family 

Super Restorative Range 

An intensive replenishing day cream that meets the specific needs of skin challenged by hormonal changes due to the ageing process. Enriched with exclusive organic Harungana extract, a ‘healing’ tree from Madagascar, the anti ageing cream replenishes the skin at all levels and reduces wrinkles.*

It immediately leaves the skin brighter-looking and smooth, for glowing skin. Day after day, it is left replenished, lifted, radiant and glowing.


Instantly brightens and smoothes.
Replenishes the skin at all levels.
Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles.
Lifts and combats slackening.
Nourishes and moisturises.
Prevents the appearance of dark spots.

Great To Use if your Skin has experienced Hormonal Changes

Super Restorative Range Includes

Super Restorative Day Cream -all skin typesSuper Restorative Day Cream -Very dry skinSuper Restorative Day Cream SPF 20Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream Super Restorative night creamsSuper Restorative Eye Concentrate Super Restorative Treatment Essence ,Serum ,Neck & Decollete Cream Super Restorative Hand & Body Creams

New Nutri Lumiere Range 

A sensorial, melting, oil-infused day cream that revitalises and intensely nourishes to restore skins radiance
As we age our skin nutrients decline due to our micro-nutrient network not functioning as efficiently and the skin barrier function weakens causing skin to become dry.
Clarins Pro-Ageing Skin Nutrition Innovation

Clarins Laboratories has developed two active ingredients within Nutri Lumière – Organic horse chestnut flower extract and horse chestnut escin. This invigorating duo maximises the penetration of nutrients in the skin, ensuring skin is nourished and luminous by improving its micro-nutrient network to deliver key nutrients more efficiently.
Deeply nourished from inside, stronger and regenerated, skin glows with beauty and it shows.

Great To use if you are beyond the hormonal changes and need that little extra lift 


Intensely nourishes
Restores skin’s radiance
Lifts and replenishes
Reinforces the skin’s barrier function
Contains Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex

The Nutri Lumiere Range includes

Nutri -Lumiere Day Cream Nutri- Lumiere Day Emulsion Nutri -Lumiere Night Cream Nutri -Lumiere Treatment Essence 

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Clarins Day Creams , samples are always available  to try before you buy .

Any Questions please dont hesitate to ask 

Sharon .x

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